You BETA be ready.

After a couple weeks since the project pitch project, it’s quite exciting to announce that by the BETA stage of this project I have managed to upload 2 different videos that will make up my 3-part series called ‘Predictions or Reality’.


This series is a Digital Essay which will focus on the current situation of how social media platforms and organisations are utilizing contemporary tools, and importantly, what the future of social media looks like, and how far we have already predicted and witnessed such trends as digital natives.


Screen Shot 2020-05-04 at 2.25.24 pm


BETA Video:


So by this stage, I have now uploaded my ‘Introduction’ video to my whole series, which became a new aspect of this DA in terms of iteration. I decided to take on the feedback of several students as you can view in my BETA and expand my DA audience to any media user or professional and create this introduction video to make this project more than another university assignment. 


Introduction Video:


In my pitch feedback, the students also mentioned the Week 3 lecture of ‘Convergence and planning’, as something that could connect to my topic, and I now plan to use it in my next two videos along with the Week 12 material as well.


My first episode is also now up on Youtube, and it focuses on my first two trends, ‘Video & Ephemeral Content’. And as I approach Week 10 I plan on having my second episode up, then by the final DA Due date, my final episode to finish off the series. 


Episode 1: Video & Ephemeral Content

I’ve picked up two great visual sources that we’re able to aid my research and subject material.  Both the Future of Media podcast and HubSpot Marketing Trends Youtube video allowed me to connect academic insight with a visual aspect, as industry professionals further assisted with my predictions and hot trends.



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  1. Hey Julia, you are looking at an interesting topic that I am also interested in. In saying that I have found I have also struggled to get any feedback from students and I have been posting regularly. Have you tried posting in any Reddit forums? This is something I have not done yet and I will be incorporating as I am really lacking any real discussion or feedback surrounding my DA.

    I have a big interest in Marketing also so I was able to find some great articles which could possibly assist you in your video series. The first is an academic source which identifies nine themes, that researchers believe will meaningfully shape the future of social media in marketing through three lenses: consumer, industry, and public policy. It is great because it focuses on the immediate future, near future and far future. it goes into more depth about the far future and how it is believed social media will be run by non-humans which is quite interesting. This could also work well with your future topic of convergence and planning.

    I think your videos are really interesting and well thought out. I noticed that you had not included any hashtags in your Youtube video description, so maybe that could be something you include that could help boost your engagement. Here is a link to a video discussing how to use hashtags effectively on Youtube.

    I wish you all the best and can’t wait to see the final project.


  2. I just watched your videos and am really interested to see where this will go! On episode one there was a segment regarding success with paid social media ads with video! I have a thought to add to this;
    Snapchat is one platform that ‘feels different’. You can exchange diverse content such as videos or images (snaps), stories, stickers, audio and video notes with specific people. Since the interaction is restricted to your followers, you can expect a high degree of engagement with your target audience. Snapchat has a younger audience with 71 per cent of users under the age of 34.

    With video content emerging as the favourite form of content on the internet, TikTok, a short-form video platform (previously known as has fast gained popularity among young users (66 % of users are under 30). TikTok is an engaging platform where everyone can create (or edit) and binge-watch videos. So, you can whip up an enticing piece of short-form content without using any specialized tools and much of your time. The unpolished, raw videos appear more authentic and hence more appealing to the younger audience.

    So like you said, users want to be entertained but don’t have to work for it! This is where these small video platforms come in! I think we can definitely expect to see a lot more video ad content on platforms like snapchat and tik tok in the future. I know that marketers are still trying to monetize those platforms more thoroughly, so I wonder what that will look like in 5 years time!


  3. Hi Julia,
    Well done with your Digital Artefact so far! As you mentioned, the role of social media in our lives is growing every day so exploring the role it will play in the future is very relevant. I think it was a great choice to start working towards your videos being accessible and interesting to anyone who uses social media, not just other students or professionals in the media and communications field.
    However, I would like to suggest that you bring some more academic media and communication concepts into your future videos. I think you could find a balance between your videos being accessible to anyone but also giving insight into more complex theories as your first videos show that you are a very effective communicator. For example, you could discuss the role of the internet in our lives and how this may affect our identities and what it means to be ‘human’ in the future.
    Another suggestion I’d like to make is that you could interview an influencer who has been paid to advertise on social media and ask them the role they believe this work will play in their future career. I think they would have an interesting perspective as not only a consumer of social media but someone who directly profits from it.
    If you can’t find someone to talk to personally, this interview with the co-founder may be useful and provide you with some numbers around how much influencers can make from social media advertisements (
    As I’m sure you know, there has been debate recently on the ethics of influencers marketing to impressionable audiences on social media, especially when they are advertising products related to dieting and beauty, often without appropriate disclosure of the fact they are getting paid to do so. I think this is an important aspect of influencer marketing to address in your next video as countries have had to scramble to regulate the previously legally grey area of the disclosure of paid advertisements.
    This article ‘Ethics of Authenticity: Social Media Influencers and the Production of Sponsored Content’ explores the ethics of ‘authenticity’ around paid social media advertisements, and how this can translate into law and regulation (
    I look forward to seeing the rest of your videos!


  4. Jules, your first episode about ‘ephemeral content’ was seriously great. It was super informative and I’ve learnt some new terminology. You’ve done a great job at incorporating subject materials too. Week 3’s content about forecasting would be useful to your project for sure, it talks about forecasting as a method of prediction that adopts the scientific method. I think it’s great that you’re looking at your topic of trends from a marketing angle, which is a field that involves a lot of forecasting, or predictions based on data.

    My suggestion for a topic idea you may use in a future episode is something you briefly touched upon; Netflix. The media trend in which we see a shift towards subscription based streaming services over the older retail-style format. This goes beyond just film and television, look at the jump from iTunes to Apple Music for example.
    This source has some great information about Netflix’s marketing choices and how user datas helps to customise the streaming experience for each user. They also use this data to predict which shows will appeal to certain interest groups on their platform. It has some great quotes from Netflix executives that you can discuss in your video.
    Keep up the great work 🙂


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